Top 10 new typefaces of 2017

Another year, another set of beautiful new typefaces being designed across the world. Here is my list of the new favourites I have come across so far this year.

Photo Essay: Lake Garda, Italy by Simon Bray

It was a desire to encapsulate and treasure that calm blue-ness in it’s many undulating forms that prompted these images, taken during a period of seven days, many as part of the ‘Four Lakes Drive’ circling Lake Garda.

24 Hours in New Delhi, India

If you have only 24 hours to spend in this magical city, here are some of the must-see places and activities to try while you are there.

How Emotion is Evoked by Black & White Photography

One reason black and white photography creates such feeling is the contrast between the dark and light shades of black, white and gray. The human eye notices two things when looking at a photo; color and contrast. With no color to view, your eye becomes even more sensitive to the sharp contrasts in black and white photos; creating a stronger, more moving image.

Creative City Guide: Paris, France

a comprehensive catalogue of my favourite sources of inspiration, whether it’s innovative concept stores, galleries, bookstores, beautiful buildings or co-working cafes. 

Photo Essay: A Homage to Northern India

“There are some parts of the world that, once visited, get into your heart and won’t go. For me, India is such a place. When I first visited, I was stunned by the richness of the land, by its lush beauty and exotic architecture"

Creative City Guide: Liverpool, U.K

Liverpool has so much to offer to get your creative juices flowing. Packed with independent galleries, and renowned ones such as the Tate, as well as artist studios, design boutiques and pretty cafes.

Top 10 Travel Destinations for Art Lovers

Do we have a connoisseur here? Or just a lover of arts that finds inspiration visiting museums or contemplating beauty while walking looking up in search of interesting design decision on the buildings? 

Helen Stead
Shakespeare & Co., 37 rue de la Bucherie, Paris

 Beautiful classic literature books with rare and unusual cover pages, sweet momentos, a room for reading groups to take place, a tiny office covered in notes and letters and a stack of pretty second hand books.

The Palomar Restaurant, Brand Identity by Here Design

The unusual colour palette of blues, dusky pinks and gold make the branding both striking, but also romantic and soft. Here Design explains how they were inspired by nostalgia and days gone by...

Creative Regeneration: River Park, Port Sunlight
Photo Essay: Autumn in Venice, Italy
Gestalten Space, Flagship Store in Mitte, Berlin

Gestalten are most well known for publishing books and developing content on visual culture, mainly focusing on design, illustration, typography, photography, art and architecture.

Photo Essay: Switzerland & Lake Como

This collection of photographs were taken during my time living and working in Zürich, Switzerland in 2015. I captured the journey during a road trip towards Lake Como in Italy through the mountain roads.

Berlin Street Projections: Shimon Attie & Jean Christian Boucart
Joachim Schmid, The 'Accidental' Aritst: Bilder von der Straße
Top 10 Travel Destinations for Art Lovers
Top 10 UK Art Galleries
The Art of Appropriation: Mishka Henner, 'Precious Commodities'
visual artsHelen Stead
Jennifer West, Manipulated Film Celluloid