Top 10 Travel Destinations for Art Lovers


Do we have a connoisseur here? Or just a lover of arts that finds inspiration visiting museums or contemplating beauty while walking looking up in search of interesting design decision on the buildings? Whoever you are, you wouldn’t want to miss the destinations that certainly deserve to be visited in an attempt to discover a new emotion simply by looking at artwork.

1. New York City, the USA

Who hasn’t heard of the Big Apple? Many have a dream to go there. Maybe you’re one of these people. Combine your trip to there with a cultural experience by visiting the Museum of Modern Art, MoMA for short. It was opened in 1929 and ever since then it has drawn many art enthusiasts and tourists towards itself. With its mixture of modern art pieces – photographs, sculptures, paintings and drawings, it is calling for you. Don’t miss the call. And, it’s not the only one. Guggenheim Museum should be the next in your list. There you can get familiar with the works of Picasso, this art genius, and early modernists’ avant-garde creations.

2. Rome, Italy

The buildings in Rome are a piece of art themselves. Take the grand Coliseum as a proof. The Sistine Chapel is also there. In fact, the latter should be the first place you go to once your foot is on Italian land. This famous ceiling has been finished by Michaelangelo way back on 2nd November, 1512. Reach you hand up, you might as well succeed in touching that other hand.

Top 10 Destinations for Art Lovers

3. Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The Netherlands also goes by the name of ‘the tulip country’, but you probably already have heard of that. Travelers are also astonished at the extremely liberal lifestyle there. Amsterdam itself is housing the one-of-its-kind Van Gogh Museum dedicated to the famous artist. The biggest collection of his paintings finds a rightful place there. Rembrandt’s house is where you can devote to some of Rembrandt’s paintings and etchings.

4. Berlin, Germany

Germany is known for the Berlin Wall for the most. Ruins of this notorious wall can still be seen there. Hopefully, now this period is in the past. If you have an appointment with a fellow Berlinian, you mustn’t be late under no circumstances. Be there at the exact time – that’s a gratuitous tip. As a true art lover, the Museum Island is where you should be heading first. The island of Spreeinsel is the island in question that shelters a group of museum. Dahlem Museum, Pergamonmuseumm, and Altes Museum shouldn’t be missed as well.

5. Paris, France

It is known by the nickname ‘The City of Love’, Paris that is. The overall atmosphere of the city just screams ‘romance’. Unique architecture in combination with a variety of museums is the heaven of art lovers. The famous Mona Lisa is waiting for your discreet smile back in the Louvre. Also, there is the Musee d’Orsay wanting to capture you with collections of artworks of Van Gogh, Monet, Renoir and Cezanne. Traditional or modern, it all can be found in Paris. ‘Je t’aime’ is the right phrase when being there.

6. Hong Kong, China

China’s history and culture is so much different from the European and American one that its art surely evokes fascination and surprise. What Hong Kong can offer to art lovers is China’s art heritage exhibition with performing arts including street market operas, orchestras, and film festivals. There is the Hong Kong Museum of Art that collects over 16 hundred works of art, such as antiques, traditional Chinese calligraphy, and paintings with historical scenes typical for China.

7. St. Petersburg, Russia

Stunning architecture that reminds of something royal with all of its golden elements. Majesty is what can be seen just by looking around walking on the street. Combine royalty and art, and you’ll get something beyond luxurious. The Hermitage Museum is the living display of masterful works of the finest art you can imagine with names like da Vinci and Picasso on them. Put the Museum of Non-Conformist Art, the Academy of Fine Arts Museum, Museum of Applied Art, the State Russian Museum in your to-visit list as well.

Top 10 Destinations for Art Lovers3

8. Tokyo, Japan

If Japan has always been you weakness as a destination you have to visit at least once in your lifetime, you’ll be glad to know that your passion for art will be satisfied in Tokyo at least in one of the 200 museums you can visit. As a metropolitan Tokyo is the city that combines old and new very well. If you crave for a classical museum, you should definitely go for the Tokyo Fuji Art Museum. Nerima Art Museum is for the ones who are more into modern style.

9. London, UK

London can’t be left out of the list, no doubt about it. It can be bravely called a multilayered city with tourists from all over the world that come for a visit, with its ability to entertain but also to offer a cultural experience for the ones who’re willing to find the path of art. Tune your watch while being near Big Ben. See the Westminster Abbey where Prince William and Kate Middleton married. Don’t forget to wave to the Queen in front of the Buckingham Palace, hoping she’d see. These are all buildings that have long stories to tell.

Top 10 Destinations for Art Lovers2

10. Zimbabwe

To the ones who are not very familiar, this is a country in southern Africa. Maybe you’ve heard of its political unrests and extremely high inflation in the late 90s. But other than that, you must know that it is the homeland of talented artisans working with local materials in the field of stone carving. You don’t even have to go that far to have glimpse of these fine sculptures. The national airport of Atlanta has Shona stone sculptures (also known as Zimbabwe sculptures) on display. These kinds of artworks have become popular among collectors in the recent years.

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