24 Hours in New Delhi, India

After 4 incredible months living in New Delhi, I spent each and every day trying to see as much as you can. If you have only 24 hours to spend in this magical city, here are some of the must-see places and activities to try while you are there:


1. Drink a tea at an authentic Chaiwalla stand

The best cup I had was at Green Park Market in South Delhi. It's sweet, milky and strong and afterwards you can browse the stalls nearby.

2. Take in the lake views at Hauz Khas Village over brunch

Famous for it’s huge variety of boutiques, restaurants and bars, as well as it’s pretty lake and ancient monuments, Hauz Khas has so much to offer. Make sure to stop at Social for brunch, and take in the amazing views from the top terrace.


3. Ride an auto rickshaw

There's nothing quite as exhilarating as your first auto ride. Enjoy the bumpy journey and make sure you haggle for the best price. It's all part of the fun.

4. Shop for traditional handicrafts at Dili Haat

Not far from Green Park and Hauz Khas is Dili Haat (translation: Delhi Heart) a beautiful open-air food plaza and craft bazaar that sells everything you could think of; pashminas, jewellery, stationary, ornaments, lighting, rugs.. the list goes on. The prices won't be the best you will find in Delhi, but it's worth going for the atmosphere alone. If you're lucky, you might even catch some live music and traditional dance. If you want true bargains, you could also try these other markets: Sarojini Nagar for fashion, footwear and jewellery, or Janpath Market for beautiful rugs, throws and trinkets.

6. Take a stroll around the Tomb of Safdarjung

One of many amazing heritage buildings in New Delhi is the Tomb of Safdarjung. It's the perfect place to take sanctuary from the busy streets while experiencing some of the history of the city. Some other favourite monuments include: Qutub Minar and Mehrauli Archaeological Park

7. Discover traditional textiles and sculptures at the National Craft Museum

A bit of a hidden gem, but this museum has a lot to offer. Almost half of it is out in the open, set in pretty courtyards that snake around the site. It's not huge, but you can see a lot of beautiful textiles and monuments and the architecture is simply stunning. 


8. Enjoy an indulgent evening meal at Lodhi Garden Restaurant

After a busy day of autos, street food and shopping you can seek sanctuary at one of the most stunning garden restaurants in the city. Lodhi Restaurant (named after the national gardens across the road) offers a mix of international and local cuisine and is the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the green surroundings and ambience.

These are just a few of my favourite places and most of which can be found in South Delhi. If you have a bit more time and are a bit more adventurous you can head to old Delhi where you can find some other favourites:

Paharganj: A market street close to Delhi Train Station that is in one word. Buzzing. It's a little bit touristic, but you can find a lot of great jewellery, clothing and rugs, as well as some awesome roof top cafes.

Chandi Chowk: Probably how you imagine all of Delhi to be before you arrive. This is the oldest and busiest markets of them all. Expect to see cows, chickens and monkeys along the roads, as well as thousands of stalls and street food stands. Take a rickshaw to avoid the traffic and get lost inside the maze like streets. It's worth experiencing, at least once!