Top 10 new typefaces of 2017

Another year, another set of beautiful new typefaces being designed across the world. Here is my list of the new favourites I have come across so far this year.

1. Quartz Grotesque

Quartz Grotesque is a modern minimalist's dream because it is so simple & clean. Paired with other fonts or stand alone, this font is perfect for logo design, displays, invitations, labels, signage, magazines, and much more. It instantly gives your product a luxury feel.

2. Naive Sans

Naïve Sans is a sans serif handwritten font designed by Fanny Coulez and Julien Saurin in Paris. The finely drawn irregular lines that give a human and whimsical feeling.

3. Sbastian

Sbastian is perfectly suited to signature, stationery, logo, typography quotes, magazine or book cover, website header, clothing, branding, packaging design

4. Brooklyn

Brooklyn is a stunning all-caps sans serif that comes in two beautiful weights to complement every project you're working on. Resembling a cross between Futura and Gotham, Brooklyn will very easily become a staple in your type kit.

5. Brisbane

There are a lot of handwritten script fonts online, but Brisbane stands out because it feels light and elegant. It's my go to typeface for wedding invitations and it looks stunning paired with sans serif fonts like Gotham or Proxima Nova

6. Faroe Thin

This thin variant of Faroe Regular features sleek lines and thin serifs. Perfect for gorgeous logos & titles.

7. Moonshine

Create beautiful headings and graphics with Moonshine, a classic, clean, and versatile sans-serif font.

8. Palapa

A pretty handmade typeface created with ink and a brush over paper.

9. Kiwami

Another sweet hand lettered brush font. Kiwami is perfect for branding, headers and overlaying on imagery.

10. Leaner

Clear and universal, Leaner is an uppercase sans-serif typeface, best for logos and headings.